Waldorf Dolls on Scam Websites

Last year we found over a 100 websites offering Waldorf Dolls. Early this year luckily by and by these websites have disappeared or got taken down.

However, in the last couple of months a few people contacted me again about new Scam Websites offering Waldorf Dolls, so I have decided to create a page with some useful information.

On the Scam websites scammers use stolen photos of various doll artists. On the websites I have seen, the dolls are not my dolls any more, but other artist who I know. The scammers have not got the dolls they are offering.

If you buy a doll through the scam sites, you will either get a cheap doll, or nothing. Be careful! Do not buy from them! 

If you are not sure about a website, always go to TRUSTPILOT or SCAMADVISER to see if other people have left a review there. When I hear about a site, I always write a review there to warn people.

If you have been scammed, please leave a review on these sites to warn others.

About Waldorf Dolls

Waldorf dolls are natural hand made dolls.

They take a long time to create, so they are not cheap dolls. They are filled with wool, and for the skin we use good quality cotton doll jersey. The eyes and the mouth are carefully embroidered. They have simple facial features to allow space for the imagination of the child.

Normally children who have these dolls would only have a couple of dolls. Not many in any case. These dolls require special care, as they are fabric dolls, filled with wool.

The hair is often made of Wool yarn.

If you are looking for genuine maker of Waldorf doll, I recommend you to look around on Etsy. Lots of artists have shop there.

How to get your money back

If you have already purchased a doll from them, you need to file a claim with Paypal or your Bank depending on which you used for paying for your doll. You have buyers protection. You should be able to get your money back.

If Paypal asks you to send the doll you have received back to the seller , call their customer service at Paypal and tell them that what you received was “worthless merchandise” That’s the term they need to hear in order to give you a full refund. This seem to have worked for most of the people.

Last year the TIME MAGAZINE has published an article about the increasing problems with scammers, and the cause of it. You can read it HERE.

Last year it helped people to get their money back, when they shown this or my blog to Paypal. You can also show them the negative reviews on Trustpilot or Scamadviser.

List of Scam Websites that offer Waldorf dolls

At the moment I only know a couple of websites that offer dolls, and there is one that we managed to get taken down, but I can see new websites popping up and being advertised on Facebook. Be careful!! I would stay away from any Waldorf dolls that come up in adverts on Facebook.

The one that is taken down is HIGGESS

The sites that I know about and still existing are:




I belive all of these websites have been advertised on Facebook.

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