Tutorial for 15″Waldorf Inspired Doll with Outfit


A digital, downloadable PDF tutorial for a 15″/38 cm Waldorf inspired doll  and  tunic, bloomers and hair band.

A 150 pages tutorial with lost of images and some videos to guide you through the steps of creating your doll.

This tutorial is more advanced than my other tutorial for 14″ doll, so if you have never made a doll it might be better if you start with my other doll tutorial HERE.

To create this doll you will need some Crocheting, embroidering, hand sewing skills, and to be able to use a sewing machine.

This is a PDF downloadable tutorial and pattern to create a 15″ Waldorf Inspired doll bundle including clothes patterns.


This tutorial will teach you to create a Waldorf Inspired doll, like those on the images. You will learn how to make the face of your doll super cute by adding features using needle felting technic. I will teach you to use rolling technic to fill your doll, so all the limbs are nice and smooth, not lumpy.
You will also learn how to add cute knee caps, belly button and buttocks to your doll.


This tutorial is more advanced than my other tutorial for 14″ Waldorf Inspired doll with yarn hair.
If you have never made a doll before, I recommend you to purchase my 14″ doll pattern first, which you can find HERE.


You can find some of my Doll making Videos on Youtube HERE.
Some of these and some other videos have been integrated into the tutorial to help you along the way.


This is a tutorial, with patterns. Materials are not included. The tutorial is 150 pages long. There are lots of pictures to guide you through the steps.


To be able to create this doll you will need to have a general knowledge of using sewing machine, some hand sewing skills, and you will need to be able to embroider the eyes and the mouth.,


The body of the doll is sewn using a sewing machine.


For the hair, I use commercial mohair weft and brushed mohair yarn. To be able to create the wig of your doll, you will need some crocheting skills.
If you are not sure about crocheting or some of the hand sewing skills, Youtube is an excellent resource of tutorials.


You will be needing the following material to make the doll:

  • 270g Carded Wool Batting
  • 25×100 cm Cotton Swiss tricot, Laib Yala/ Heavy weight or Waldorfia Hago fabric. Folded into half along the grains. If you use different fabric, you may need to change the pattern slightly to make sure it fits. I am enclosing pattern for Laib Yala and WaldorfiaHago. If you use Meaningful Craft fabric, make the limbs and the bodice 0.5cm longer.
  • 55 cm tubular bandage 35 mm wide. I use Sterogauz
  • 12-13 cm long doll making/darning needle
  • Sewing needle
  • Glass headed pins
  • Scissors
  • Crochet hook no. 3 For crocheting the wig
  • Air varnishing marker pen. The one I use is called MADEIRA Magic Pen
  • Felting needle 38 Gauge is good, but you can use other needle as well. I get it from HeidiFeathers (RED)
  • Multi-needle felting tool. I use the one from Clover.
  • Chopstick. It can be handy, but it is not necessary for this doll
  • Stuffing tool or HEX KEY for rolling technic.
  • Embroidery floss ( DMD or Anchor ) for eyes and mouth
  • Red wax crayon for blushing the doll
  • Strong thread, I use Glütermann upholstery thread in cream colour.
  • Sewing Glütermann thread in skin colour
  • Measuring tape
  • Extra strong floss for shaping the head. Doll suppliers sell it.
  • Commercial Mohair weft or other weft about 250-270cm
  • Brushed Mohair yarn 15-18g
  • Matching strong thread to sew on the wig
  • For freckles / SAKURA PIGMA MICRON 01 – Brown


You receive the downloads instantly, once payment has been confirmed.You will be receiving 4 Downloads in the order confirmation, but you will be able to find your downloads in your account as well, when you log in.

The Patterns have been designed to be printed onto A4 sheets. You will need to set your printer to SCALE TO FIT.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the tutorial!

You can buy materials on these sites:

PERMISSION: You are welcome to sell the product you make with this pattern. Please give credit to ILDILA in your listing. You are not allowed to sell or share this pattern. Thank you so much for your support.


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