Tessie, 12" Natural Fibre Art Doll



Meet Tessie, a 12″ little girl with beautiful fire hair, that has been created using mohair wig.

She comes dressed snug and warm, all ready for the winter months. You can find her Gallery HERE.

She will be available on my website on this page from Sunday the 24th of October from 3pm CEST, which is 9am EDT.


Meet Tessie, my little 12″ girl, a Natural Fibre Art Doll.

Tessie is a very sweet little girl who has been inspired by the coming Autumn, but I must say I always love creating dolls with red hair.

We had some little autumn walks together, and I must say she was a lovely companion, very curious and interested in all little details. She just wants to know everything around her.

Tessie is dressed ready for the cold season. She comes with a little hand knitted woollen jacket, and a wooly bonnet to keep her ears warm when being out and about,

She also has a pair of tight, little undies and a lovely linen dress.

She is wearing a cute pair of leather booties.

Her hair can be gently combed and styled.

Tessie has been created using natural materials, for her hair I used a mohair wig, her facial features  have been shaped using needle felting technique. She is filled with wool, for her skin I used Laib Yala cotton stockinette, that has been created for doll making.

Her eyes have been carefully embroidered.

I hope Tessie will be finding a loving home.😊







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