ROSIE, 13.5″ Waldorf Inspired Baby Doll


Meet Rosie, a cuddly , floppy sweet little baby Waldorf Inspired doll, with some added weight.

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Meet Sweet little Rosie. This baby doll has been created using  natural materials.

She is soft, floppy and very cuddly, just like a real baby.

Rosie  has very cute shaped baby hands, and bendable arms.

For her skin I used WaldorfiaHago skin fabric in a slightly tanned shade. Her wig has been sewn using mohair teddy bear fur.

To make her feel more like a real baby, she has some weight in her. Her weight is 470g. For weight I put some glass beads into her torso, which is well contained in a separate sack. Glass beads are not suitable for children under the age of 4, therefore this doll is not suitable for little children.

The rest of her has been filled with soft wool.

Rosie will be travelling as you see her on the images, with her jumpsuit, matching hat and a nappy.  She will be also travelling with a little bear. Not the one that is on most of the picture with her, but with another bear that is on a separate picture. Please do not hesitate to contact me is you have a question!

Thank you!❤️






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