Madi, 13″ Baby Doll, Natural Fibre Art Doll


Meet Madi, a 13″ tall Natural Fibre Baby Art doll.

Created with love, using natural fibres.

You can find her full Gallery HERE


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Meet sweet little Madi, a 13″ tall Baby Doll.

Madi has been created using natural fibres. She is filled with wool, her facial features have been carefully sculpted using needle felting technic. For her hair I used mohair wig. She has some glass beads in her tummy for some additional weight.

Madi is most suitable for older children, above the age of 7 or as a collectable item.

Madi is very cuddly, soft and floppy baby.

She will be travelling as you see her on the images, in her mohair bunny bonnet, romper, linen summer outfit and cute leather shoes with socks. She has a little nappy on. Her little crocheted bear is travelling with her too.





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