LINA, 16" Waldorf Inspired Doll


Meet Lina, a 16″ Waldorf Inspired Doll.

This sweet little girl is going to be available here on my website from tomorrow the 26th of April from 8pm BST, which is 9pm  CEST.

You can find her photo gallery HERE .


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I introduce you to this sweet little girl. Her name is Lina.

Lina is a 16″ tall Waldorf Inspired Doll. She has been created using natural materials. She is filled with pure wool, for her skin I used 100% cotton Swiss doll jersey, called Laib Yala. She has lovely blue embroidered eyes and some cute little freckles.

For her hair I used commercial mohair weft, which I embroidered into a wig.

Her hair is quite corse. It can be styled and brushed gently. She can also be washed, although I recommend to spot clean her. I will be sending cleaning instructions with Lina.

She has cute little buttocks, a belly button, and she can sit without support most of the time.

Lina has a pretty linen pinafore dress, a long sleeve T-shirt, a pair of cute leather shoes, socks and a lovely shawl that had been hand knitted by me using soft alpaca yarn. She will be travelling with her blue straw hat to keep the sun out of her eyes through the summer months.

Her shoes have been made by Ayse. She has a shop called DollsAndShoes on Etsy.


Lina is not suitable for younger children. She is recommended for older children, from the age of 7 or as a collectable item.


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