Doll Making Workshop 1-2nd and 3-4th June BELGIUM


A Doll Making Workshop in Belgium/ Arlon at the European Waldorf Doll Seminar.

To be able to attend this workshop, you have to register first on the EWDOR website  HERE  .

On the EWDOR website  you can find  information about the seminar and accommodations as well. The registration fee  for taking part in the seminar is 67.50 EUROS. It is lovely event in a beautiful setting with many doll makers hosting workshops there.

In the workshop we will be creating a 14″ Waldorf inspired doll. You will lear how to fill the limbs using rolling technic, and we will make our dolls look super cute by adding some features using needle felting technic.
Hand sewing skills are necessary for this workshop.
We will be using running stitches and ladder stitches mainly.

The full price is £320 for the workshop.

This covers the workshop for 2 days and all the materials for making your doll and a PDF tutorial of the doll we made. With the £100 deposit you secure your space.  The full amount is payable in April. I will be in contact about that.

Once you have secured your space I will be in touch with you about skin and hair colour options.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any question!


Two days of doll-making workshop at the European Waldorf Doll Seminar in Belgium/Arlon.

To be able to attend, you have to register first on the EWDOR website.

For more information about the seminar please visit this page EWDOR.

We will be making a 14″ doll with traditional face.

You will learn how to make the face of your doll super cute.

This doll making workshop will cover, making and shaping the head of a traditional Waldorf doll. We will start shaping the head with strings and we also will be using needle felting technic to add  features to make your doll look super cute. We will be stuffing the limbs using rolling technic, stitching the body together,  embroidering the eyes and the mouth of your doll. You can add ears to your doll, and little knees and buttocks, and belly button.

I will sew the body of the doll in advance using sewing machine. We will not use sewing machine during the workshop.

All of the sewing work in the two days will be hand-stitching. We will be using running stitches and ladder stitches mainly and you will need to embroider the eyes and the mouth, although I can help you with that.

Before the workshop I will be in contact with you about skin and hair colour options.

In this workshop we will have no time creating a wig, but I will bring a wig for your doll, and will provide you with a video tutorial of how the wig is made. During the workshop we will also be talking a bit about wig making and about the various materials you can use for making a wig.

For this workshop doll making experience is not needed , but basic hand sewing skills are necessary. If you are an experienced sewer, you will get more out of the workshop.

We will not have time to make clothes for the doll, but at the end of the workshop you can purchase some dresses, shoes, knitted clothes.

I will also be giving you patterns with simple instructions for making clothes. This I can send out to you already before the workshop, so you can pre-sew some outfits.

After the workshop you will be receiving the pattern and a detailed PDF tutorial ( 140 pages) of the doll we made, including of instructions of how the body is sewn together and a video tutorial of making a wig.

It will be two intense but very creative days spent with some like minded people and you will be going home with a sweet doll that you have created, and a new skill of creating these lovely dolls.

The full price is £320 for the workshop with all materials included. With the £100 deposit you secure your space.

On both days the workshop will be from 9 am till 6 pm, maybe later.

The class will be small in order to give more teaching time and support to participants.


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