Mika is a 15″ tall Jointed Natural Fibre Art Doll. She is an adorable little. I do love little girls with red hair and freckles. It gives them a cheeky look. 

Mika has jointed arms, jointed legs and jointed head. There is also wire armature in her legs and feet, and in her neck.

She can stand and sit on her own, you can bend her legs slightly, and you can also turn and tilt her head. Lots of fun posing her.

She was created using natural materials.  She has very fine angora mohair in a pretty red colour. For her skin I used Witte Engel Doll Jersey. She is filled with pure wool. Her facial features have been carefully needle felted, her eyes have been embroidered.

This little girl will come with her slightly rustic outfit that consist of a linen dress, with stripy tights, cute leather booties and a cotton T-shirt. She asked for a little scarf as well. 

You can find more images of her in her Flickr album HERE.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question!

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