I will not be able to take custom orders for a while, as I am planning to experiment with new technics, create new designs and use more of the lovely materials I have been collecting in the last years.

However, I will be working on some dolls for sale as I have time.

So please keep an eye out if you are interested in buying one of my dolls.

Once a doll becomes available or there is a new tutorial or workshop to sign up to, I send out Newsletter to my subscribers.

If you wish to receive my Newsletters you could subscribe at the bottom of this page.

I also post pictures of new dolls on my Instagram, Flickr and Facebook pages a day or two before they become available. You can follow my work on these pages. 

Sometimes people reach out to me once I put pictures up and they reserve the doll before she/he goes on my website.

You can find my prices on this page HERE.

If you are crafty, you could also have a look at my Doll Making Tutorials and create your own doll with the help of one of them.

You can check out if I have any Doll Making Workshop on my website, on this page HERE.

All of the dolls that I have ready for adoption, are posted on my website on this page HERE.

There are two ways I sell my ready made dolls

When I have a doll for sale I usually list it on my website with all the information including the price.

A day or two before the doll becomes available to purchase I inform my followers through social media and Newsletter about the new doll.

However, as I put some pictures on my social media while I am still working on a doll , sometimes people reach out to me and reserve the doll for themselves.

This is the second way sometimes my dolls find homes.

Now my boys are away more, so hopefully I find more time to create more of these little wool children, so hopefully you will be able to purchase one if you are interested.

Thank you!

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