My name is Ildiko. I am Hungarian, but have been living in England for many years.

My passions are nature, travelling, being outdoors and doing creative things.

I have two lovely boys, and a well behaved dog, who keeps me company and takes me out between creating my dolls.

As a child, I always loved playing with dolls. I could spend hours playing with their hair and dressing them.

In my youth, I spent lots of time travelling, and while I was in England studying nutrition I happened to meet some amazing people who were connected to the Steiner movement. From then I became very interested in the philosophy of Steiner education.

Soon after this, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a dollmaking course in a German Steiner school. I enjoyed it a lot, but after that, I was still busy with moving about.

Only when I moved here, to England and had my boys, I started making dolls. Which was many years ago. I created Waldorf dolls for them first and later for the children of my friends. When my children did not need dolls any more, I  decided to make these lovely dolls for sale.

I love the experience of creating dolls from natural materials. I have been making them for sale since 2004. It still fills me with amazement how a simple material slowly becomes a little being, a personality, who could become a close friend of someone.

Mostly I make the dresses , little jacket and booties for the dolls myself. It is lots of fun designing the outfit of each doll. I must say I have the tendency to collect too much materials, whenever I go near a fabric shop.

I do have some ready made doll’s dresses here as well that have been sewn by a dear friend from Hungary, but she is no longer making these dresses for me. I offer these ready made dresses usually to people who attend my doll making workshops.

I also have been making little leather booties, but I am also often on the look out for cute little booties by other artists. So sometimes my dolls wear shoes made by other people. I do love little doll booties. They are so cute. (:

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