Waldorf Dolls on Scam Websites

In 2020 we found over a 100 scam websites offering Waldorf Dolls. Luckily by and by these websites have disappeared or got taken down. However, in the last few months many people contacted me again about new scam Websites offering

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SOLD! Esme is a sweet little 15″ tall Jointed Natural Fibre Art Doll, OOAK. She is a new special design. She is a jointed dolls. She has jointed arms, legs and head. There is also armature in her leg, arms and

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SOLD! This little girl will brighten up any home with her sweet, friendly little smile. She is a lovely, jolly little girl. Loves life to the full. She really enjoys going out to collect flowers in the morning, with her

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SOLD! Mika is a 15″ tall Jointed Natural Fibre Art Doll. She is an adorable little. I do love little girls with red hair and freckles. It gives them a cheeky look.  Mika has jointed arms, jointed legs and jointed

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